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If you’ve checked out our March update, then you know where are minds are these days: Spring! (Spring cleaning, specifically)

As is often the case this time of year – and especially after such a chaotic time with the Olympics – our heads are tuned to the ideas of a fresh start and renewal. With that in mind, we highlighted some of our favourite new products like the 3Sprouts Storage Bins and the new zip-up playmats in a variety of themes. But something we neglected – and something that often gets neglected – is how to make daily tasks and chores like cleaning up fun!

Our mandate as a toy store is to provide kids with the tools to let their imaginations and creativity run wild, because we think active and engaged minds help build a happy, healthy child. Having fun is our number one goal! (What kind of toy store would this be if it wasn’t?)

Just now a family came in and their two-year-old son was completely engrossed with two toys: a bouncy ball and a Robot Claw. When it came time to clean up, he decided to use the Robot Claw to pick up the ball instead of his own hand. It made the not very fun clean-up time into a challenging and neat game that he kept wanting to repeat! That little boy’s game (which he came up with himself, rather impressively) reminded me of a project a friend of mine sent my way call The Fun Theory. The objective? Turn mundane daily tasks into something people genuinely want to do.

For busy parents and parents of busy kids (or both!) clean-up time can be stressful, tense and occasionally tear-inducing. Why not try to find a way to make it something kids like to do?

Check the link out for The Fun Theory here:
And feel free to post suggestions on how to make necessary tasks into fun games in the comments section!

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