luck of the irish

Ever since the Olympics ended Vancouver has been a little… well… grey. Mr Golden Sun took his Olympic glow and started playing hide and seek with us, popping in to our lives for just a few hours if we’re lucky. And even though customers are assuring me the sun is coming back (and soon!) I can’t help but wish it was here already. I know I shouldn’t complain – all this rain will mean great looking flowers and green gardens galore – but now that we’ve sprung forward and the days are getting longer, I find myself longing for the days when I’d help my mum water the plants after dinner or toss a softball around with my dad until dusk finally settled in.

To make matters worse (for me and my longing, that is) we updated our window display this week to include some of our favourite spring selections and it’s hard to see all these great outdoor toys and know I’ll be stuck inside for now! From garden tools to sand toys, a lot of our new stock is geared to getting your kids off the couch, playing outside and communing with nature. In fact, we also carry a wide selection of earth-friendly eco toys from Sprig, because there’s no better time to teach your kids about the importance of thinking green than now. Nature is all around us, but in the spring it makes sure we know it’s there! So I’ll stop worrying about a bit of rain (it is Vancouver, after all) and start dreaming of beautiful flowers and bike rides in the sunshine and green grass to run around on.

Oh! And speaking of all things green, we’d be foolish lads and lasses if we missed out on the greenest of all holidays… so Happy St Paddy’s Day! Here’s hoping a little Irish luck comes our way and the sun starts shining so we can all go outside and play!

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