play ball!

A few weeks back Cowboys and Angels was approached to be a sponsor for a Kerrisdale T-Ball team and we were all too pleased to jump at the chance! As the new kid on the block we’re always happy to be welcomed by the community and as far as we’re concerned T-Ball is basically a perfect fit for a Vancouver Toy Store – it’s all about fun and games and enjoying your childhood!

I can remember being young and going to watch my sister play softball long after I’d decided I was afraid of the ball (a fear I hold to this day, but that’s for another post…) There was always bright pink bubble gum, a tree to be climbed with my best friend Kelly, and if we were really lucky the chance for ice cream afterwards! Little league games are in the same part of my memory as the ice cream truck coming down the street (with me and Kelly hopping on our bikes trying frantically to catch up to it.) It’s a reminder of the carefree glory days of childhood where you first start to learn those important life lessons – how to play fair, how to lose with humor and dignity and the even more difficult, how to win with grace and humility and of course, the importance of being active and having fun.

Spring is the time when we get excited to go outside, breathe some fresh air and bask in the sun’s warm glow. Whether you’re going for a walk or a bike ride after dinner or you’re playing a game of toss in the backyard, getting outside is a welcome change of pace to endless nights indoors (which isn’t to say I’m giving up on reading or card games – I just move those outside too!). We’ve got some great new toys from Melissa and Doug that were tailor-made for play, learning, helping Mom and Dad in the yard and more!

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