young at heart

A few days ago in the late afternoon, a man came in the store and began looking at our remote control helicopters. After discussing with Philip and I the merits of each of the different options we had available, he settled on our Apache style copter and was on his way. Only he wasn’t getting the helicopter for his kids or a nephew or niece – it was his birthday and he decided to get himself a little gift!

I love that here he was, a grown man with a steady career and all the responsibilities and expectations that come with adulthood, deciding to do something fun for himself and unabashedly buying a toy to celebrate getting older! And that’s what we love to see at Cowboys and Angels.

We opened a toy store for a lot of reasons. We cherish and fondly remember the carefree days of youth; we think children flourish when given creative outlets and opportunities to learn through play and imagination; we like to play with toys and needed a plausible excuse for spending all day every day having fun…

The one I thought of today was this: there are a lot of really difficult things everyone deals with in their day to day lives and it can be stressful managing the pressures of work and family. Frankly, we believe taking a break to play and have a little fun – whether you’re six or sixty or somewhere in between – makes facing those challenges a little easier and can even give you the boost you need to keep going. With that in mind, take a look at this video from our Youtube channel…

Helicopter Video

Now get outside and have some fun!

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