anti-bullying day

Tomorrow, April 14th 2010, is Anti-Bullying Day here in Canada. The best part about working in a toy store is seeing kids playing and learning without any fear or concern of being judged. When you find the right toy for the right kid, everything else just kind of slips away and they get lost to a world of imagination and freedom and fun. The worst part about spending this much time with kids and youth is seeing a kid who is unable to let themselves have fun, one who faces ridicule and bullying from their peers for any choices they make without cause or reaon.

Bullying is not just an unpleasant experience that is part of the lives of many kids, but a serious issue that can have lasting psychological effects on an individual for a lifetime. With the advent of social networking sites and the pervasiveness of blogs, text messaging and real-time life updates on sites like Twitter and Facebook, kids are faced with even more ways for bullying to enter and consume their lives.

Bullying is often thought of as being pushed around at school. But locking someone in a bathroom stall or pushing them down in the school-yard are just physical examples of an issue that goes much deeper. Making fun of, taunting and excluding are some of the forms of psychological bullying some kids face everyday. It’s this kind of bullying that can make them think that even the simple act of picking a toy they want to play with is risky and fraught with social ramifications they may not wish to face.

Anti-bullying day is a day created to not only raise awareness on the many forms bullying can take, but also to show your support from those who have to face bullying in their lives on a regular basis. Wear pink tomorrow to show you care.

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