mamma mia!

Mostly we deal with kids stuff – toys, games, books, etc –  geared especially to the 0-14 set.  But we are nearing the end of April and that can only mean one thing… Mother’s Day is SOON!  Have you thought of a way to celebrate the woman who gave you life yet?

We’ve been hosting a lot of birthday parties in our ceramics studio lately and they’re an absolute blast.  But more than the fun we have at the parties (both us and the kids!) is the impression the end results leave.  Everytime we pull the plates and mugs out of our kiln we are blown away by what these creative wizards have made with a little paint and a lot of imagination.  Some of these kids are really talented!  Which got me thinking… wouldn’t it be a great gift for mom?  A hand-painted mug to drink her coffee out of each morning made especially for her?  Perfect!

Beautiful, lasting and heartfelt gifts are hard to come by, but if you ask me, ceramics fit the bill pretty well.

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