for chelsea

So today I was racking my brain trying to come up with a brilliant blog post (because the idea of posting without purpose bothers me, evidently) and my friend Chelsea suggested posting about babies and why they are cute. And while that didn’t seem like a particularly helpful suggestion, it did make me think of something else… so today I bring you a post on friendship!

We often have families come through en masse, or mothers and daughters, or grandparents and grandkids and they’ve all got their special bonds and reasons to be together. But when two parents come in – clearly friends from way back – with their kids who are now friends, it warms the heart. There’s just something wonderful about the bond you shared for so many years with someone in your life being passed on to your kids.

Because I work at a toy store, I’m constantly reminded of the value of sharing with others and the impact playing games together and dress-up and make-believe – all of it really – has on future development. Social skills that are invaluable later in life are learned with friends at early stages. In that vein today I recommend to you dress-up sets, board games and portraits of you and your best friend.

And because my friend Chelsea loves her puppy, and we’ve got a new puppy kicking around the store these days, I encourage more than anything hanging around man’s best friend, if you’re so inclined!

(We’ll post picture of Archie, the new puppy, soon, I PROMISE!)

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