My friend Benji told me to “Write a blog about waffles”. I don’t think he totally understands what I do, but who can blame him? Waffles are delicious! And if you’re anything like me, you are hungry ALL THE TIME. Like all the time. I could eat anytime of day or night. Friends ask, “Are you hungry? Want to go grab a bite to eat?” and I just look at them thinking “Have we met? Couldn’t I always grab a bite to eat? Yes yes a thousand times yes.” So now you know, I love food.

Why do I mention it? Because when I think back on my favourite games to play with as a child they were always games like Restaurant and involved fake food and pretending to cook and whatnot. (To this day I wish I owned an Easy Bake Oven.) I guess it had something to with doing what grown-ups do and playing pretend… it was an intoxicating mix, to say the least! When I brought my niece in to the store to get her portrait taken, we distracted her by giving her some toys to play with. She chose the fake fruit and was putting it in her basket and setting up her grocery store and all those things that I would have done at that age. Clearly the magic still holds.

When we got our shipment of new Melissa and Doug toys last week, it included a lot from their pretend food line and I’ve got to admit, it made me feel good to see that some things don’t change.

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