finding time

Lately I’ve been working a lot and as a result I’ve been a little stressed. For many people I know this makes no sense: I work in a toy store, how can I possibly be stressed? What is stressful about a toy store!? It’s a toy store, for crying out loud! Everything about it should be fun!

Well, that’s true, but just because I’m surrounded by toys doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. There’s still a lot of work to be done just as there is with any job in any business. But that’s why you work in a toy store. Because even when the work is stressing you out and you start to wonder where the magic went, a new toy arrives and it is so wholly engrossing and engaging and fun that you wonder how you ever questioned your job in the first place!

For me (and for Jesse… and for Sarah…) that new toy is the Find It! It’s a tube filled with several different objects you have to locate (a nail, a marble, a bean…) but they’re surrounded by tiny beads making them hidden and hard to locate. Deceptively simple and so great! Each of us has spent a large portion of at least one of our shifts trying to find all the objects on the list. It’s self-contained, making it perfect for travel – especially to a cottage or cabin. Occupies minds, doesn’t make a mess, easy to use and fun? It’s the ideal toy!

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