We’ve made no secret of being BIG Canucks fans – well, Jesse loves the Bruins, but he’s not from around here, so we’ll let it slide – and especially of #3 (what kind of Vancouver toy store would we be if we didn’t adore the family man who got us a Game 5?). Needless to say we are more than a little sad to see our boys out of the playoffs at the hands of the Hawks once again. But the thing I like about the playoffs, even when our hopes are dashed and our papers are splashed with headlines decrying everything from our injuries to our goalie, is that they bring the city together. They galvanize us in the same way the Olympics did.

Vancouver is a beautiful city, a diverse city and sometimes even a fun city, but it’s rarely a united city. Something about the intrepid spirit of the west has kept us from being a tight-knit group. Yet when our boys are playing well or we’ve got a world-class event taking place, we all not only sit up and take notice, we claim ownership. This is our city and we all have a hand in making it a great place to be. Maybe a little of that community vibe carries over and our summer will be just a little bit brighter.

And hey, after 16 straight years with no playoff glory, here’s hoping 17 is our lucky number! (I think what I’m trying to say is, Bieksa, you should bring Ryan Kesler and his family by the store some time!  How cute is that kid?!)

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