no laughing matter

Nothing – and I do mean nothing – is as pleasant to the ear as a baby laughing. My friend Shane has this adorable little nephew and I recently watched a video of the little guy just giggling away in his crib. Unreal the amount of delight that was in his laughter – and even more unreal the amount of delight it brought me to watch him smile and giggle!

Part of why I like working in a Toy Store (and for years now have enjoyed working at a summer camp) is that kids remind you of how easy and fun everything can be, if you let it. There’s this really great photo Philip took recently of his youngest son Charlie with a friend. They are both dressed up as knights and playing around, and the look on Charlie’s face says it all: he knows he looks silly and he knows he’s being silly, but he also knows that there’s nothing better than that!

Lately I’ve been trying to re-teach myself how to let go and just have fun. Shane (my friend with the adorable nephew) can attest to my limited success thus far. It’s not easy. As adults we spend so much time focusing on “real” matters and issues and we forget how to just laugh at nothing. Remember when peek-a-boo was the greatest game ever? Probably not. But how much sweeter would life be if something that silly brought you seemingly endless joy?

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