a whole new world

Today I’m dreaming of far away travels and exploring exciting new places… But for those of us here in windy, rainy Vancouver (at least, windy and rainy at the moment) why not plan a little indoor vacation? All it takes is a little imagination and a great toy and you’re on your way!

Why not take a trip to the jungles of the Amazon from the comfort of your very own basement? Our collection of Wild Republic snakes and monkeys will set the stage a wild adventure!

Or what about a journey through the wild west? Our Creative Education cowboy costumes and Melissa and Doug Rock and Trot horse and Gallop n Go Pony will have young cowboys and cowgirls riding bad guys out of town in no time!

But why stick around earth when you can go all the way to space!? Our Creativity for Kids Create A Solar System Mobile is the perfect launch pad for young astronauts.

Hey, if you can’t go to Italy like seemingly ALL my friends are doing these days, at least you can have an imaginary adventure (and lots of fun!)

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