I say goodbye and hello!

Today, after six months here at Cowboys and Angels (The Greatest Toy Store in Vancouver, if you ask me) and after spending about half that time as the site manager/blog writer/Twitter and Facebook coordinator for all things C&A, I finally introduce myself. Also, today is my last day.

Seems a bit counter-intuitive to introduce myself just as I leave, but I’ve never been one to do what seems normal (I wouldn’t work at a toy store if I did!) and I figured better late than never.

My name is Leigh and I grew up right here in Kerrisdale. After nearly seven years of living away from home, I moved back to Vancouver last fall and promptly got a job here at Cowboys and Angels. Everything I’ve written on this blog is true: I have an adorable niece who happens to be part of the gallery on the website, Find It! was the biggest staff craze of the past several months, and I do have an unabashed crush on Kevin Bieksa of the Vancouver Canucks. I have also truly enjoyed my time here at Cowboys and Angels. I’ve met so many wonderful families and kids and seen so many old friends and parents of those friends shopping for grandkid gifts… it’s been truly wonderful.

Thank you to my co-workers for their friendship, thank you to Philip and Polly for their generosity and kindness, and thank you to you for reading and contributing! Have an incredible summer and go play!

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