The world is yours

June/July 2010 mark the 19th edition of the FIFA 2010 World Cup, this year taking place in South Africa. Us football (or soccer if you prefer) fans wait four years for a tournament of this nature and this year I am struggling with early morning games (two 4:30 a.m. games for the Netherlands have left me zombie-esq at the store – hopefully it hasn’t shown too much!) and low scoring matches. This year’s tournament has fired up a number of key questions for fans to ponder over: While the upsets are nice, how long will they last? How many of the usual “power house” squads be looking in from the outside in the Round of 16? Will Philip’s England squad rebound after two mediocre showings to move on? Can my Nederlands squad finally shake the “choke artist” label? Can Germany shake their loss to Serbia to get out of their group? What’s happening with the French squad?!? When will Messi finally score for Argentina? The list goes on.
One thing that is for certain is something I have seen more and more of in my travels around the city: people of all ages getting out to the pitch to enjoy a kick-about with friends. Be it pick-up groups of six or 16 the pitches around Vancouver are being used night-in and night-out which goes to show how much the World Cup can promote the sport.
Well it’s not just the World Cup doing all the work – we’re trying to do our part as well! We’ve got a number of soccer balls in store now for people of all ages. Sizes 3, 4 and 5 Nike balls, as well as a size 3 Toy Story Glow-In-The-Dark ball for the kids! (If they only made an adult sized one so me and my friends wouldn’t struggle seeing the ball when the lights go out on our Thursday late-night meetings!)

I’ll leave you with a final note: get out to the pitch, have fun keeping in shape and enjoy the Beautiful Game!

(P.S. If you see me glued to the opposing computer screen in the shop I am watching the World Cup, but feel free to interrupt me and ask for any assistance you need!! I can also fill you in on who is playing and what the score is too if you are interested!)

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