february showers bring…an old Valentine?

Hello again, friends! I hope you don’t mind me dropping in and asking to be your Valentine this week…

I know I bid farewell not three posts ago, but I’m going to be guest blogging for the next week or so as we get this site all geared up for a big winter surprise! Plus, it’s been something like eight months and the boys only managed one post? I’m not one for gender bias, but the boys really dropped the ball on this one. I can’t wait to teach the new girls how to use the blog and Twitter so that we get some proper updates on the go, amIright?! In fairness to the fine gents of Cowboys and Angels, the store is looking AMAZING these days (I may not have a gender bias, but I have an admitted toy store bias and it is strongly in favour of Cowboys and Angels! So much cute stuff! Thank goodness I have a niece AND nephew to spoil while I’m home…). Since I’ve been away they have gotten a ton of new stock and new product lines in – I have been in the store twice for extended periods of time and I still haven’t seen it all!

In the coming days there will be some small but very necessary changes to our webpage, the return of our Twitter account and an update of the facebook page. Keep your eyes peeled for changes to our photography and ceramics pages especially! It feels good to be back! Happy Valentine’s Day!

And I know the saying is “April showers…”, but there’s been so much rain lately that it just felt right to go with February, no?

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