summertime and the livin’ is easy

Well friends, we’re approaching the end of my guest week. Apologies for my negligence in posting yesterday, it was a busy one for me – but they all seem to be lately, don’t they? Makes me long for the summer…

Except that my summers are always the busiest times of my year! I guess I’m longing for those long, lazy days when I was a kid. No job, no responsibilities, just days and days of hanging out poolside at Maple Grove Park with Melissa and running through the sprinkler with my siblings and jumping on a trampoline with water at Kelly’s house (summers were always too hot for me so if I was outside, it was near water!)

But here’s the thing: as I type this out, all I can truly remember was the endless feeling of boredom. Sure, there were some fun times. And I know I loved being able to sleep-in, even though I’ve never really been any good at it. But I can remember asking my mom day after day what I should do. “Mom, I’m bored.” “Mom, what can I do today?” “Moooooooom!” Ugh. She must have hated summers! Here we all were, hanging around the house and just whining all the time. In the past I’ve blogged about some sweet summer toys that are sure to keep the little ones occupied – my favourite still being the sprinklers (I told you, summer = too hot!) – but today, today I champion getting them not only out of the house, but out of your hair for an hour or two! After the incredible response we got from our summer camps last year, we’re bringing them back. Now, I know it’s only February and summer seems a long ways off, but I say get a head start on your answers to all those “What should I do today, Mom?” questions.

The dates of our camps are officially up on the website and there’s no time like the present to pencil those into the calendar. That way you can relax today, knowing your kids have something fun to do this summer!

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