Happy Halloween

HelloOoOoOOooO and Happy Halloween from all of us here at C&A

Hope you’ve got your costumes, face-painted, hair dyed, tick-or-teat selves ready for the big day!!  If your like me and are still looking for that perfect costume then come on in and take a gander through our costume/dress-up selection! We’ve got themed tutu’s (with matching accessories, of course), snugly infant onesies,  swords, shields, face-painting kits and more at both of our fabulous branches.

If your more concerned about the cats and dogs and keeping those little piggies dry your in luck, we’ve just replenished our Hatley selection at 2159 west 41st. Boots, coats and umbrellas for everyone; cause let’s just be realistic here, that rain wont stop until mid May in lovely Vancouver.  But as long as it keeps our grass green and our streets clean I say lets pop on a pair on gumboots and do some puddle jumping!

Keeping in theme of covered toes… come down to 2003 west 4th to take a look at our great TOMS selection!! We’ve re-arranged our shelves so they even have they’re own whole section!! So come on in, try some on, take a pair home and feel great about helping a child in need with TOMS one for one movement.

Keep looking back for more information about our up-and-coming holiday gifts and goodies galore!

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