Get “Clothes to Nature” with Hatley’s Winter Collection

With the stormy weather brewing, what better way to insulate your little ones against the cold bite of winter than with Hatley’s line of rainy wear apparel? The Canadian owned and operated business is a family venture that prides itself on great design, quality craftsmanship and, of course, inspiring loads of laughter and big smiles. Hatley’s flagship puns and vivid colors make their wilderness-inspired clothing line one not to be missed, and one sure to be loved by parents and kids alike.

The Hatley company strives to uphold the highest social and environmental standards. By focusing on unwavering quality, Hatley apparel is intended to be cherished and is designed to last. With their dedication to craftsmanship, Hatley products will always have a place in your home and not in a landfill. Remember, the first step of any environmental stewardship program should always be to re-use.

Visit one of our stores today to check out the latest Hatley staples; they’ll be sure to have you and your kids laughing and are the perfect gift to open up on Christmas morning. Like us on Facebook and join our family-inspired community:

Hatley holiday wear available in store now

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