Forget about Barbie, adopt Lottie!

LottieCollageShe’s small, cute, and reproduces the average proportions of a 9-year old girl: Lottie, the award-winning doll from Britain, will make you change your mind about dolls!

According to the makers, the London-based company Arklu, “Lottie has been developed with scientific expertise from leading British academics, alongside consumer research, to address parental concerns about other fashion dolls including negative body image, an increased perception of premature sexualisation as well as a desire for a return to good old-fashioned creative and imaginative play”.


So forget about Barbie’s, but also Bratz’ and Monster High’s freakishly thin body, provocative wardrobe and heavy make-up: Lottie’s the right alternative.

Barbie’s true colors: not so pretty…

Barbie’s loss of popularity isn’t new, but it definitely went viral towards the end of 2012, when NYC artist Jason Freeny created an anatomical sculpture of Barbie, revealing the doll’s organs squashed and distorted – depicting the effect her warped proportions might have on the inside of her body.
According to estimations, a human equivalent of Barbie would be 5ft 9in tall, with a 36-inch bust, a 18-inch waist and 33-inch hips. More importantly, Barbie would weigh about 110lbs and would have a BMI of 16.24, thus fitting the weight criteria for anorexia.

Lottie, a doll with a personality

Nothing to worry about with Lottie: her flat chest and chunky thighs are the same as every healthy child, as are her activities. She comes in 6 styles, each with a very well written backstory: Autumn Leaves Lottie likes to get muddy and kick leaves, Pony Flag Race Lottie enjoys taking part in gymkhana events at her local pony club, Branksea Festival Lottie is looking forward to live music, face painting, storytelling and arts and crafts, English Country Garden Lottie loves to be outside and enjoy a picnic in the garden, Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie works hard to perfect her dance steps and the mysterious Snow Queen Lottie just received a party invitation to the Masked Ball… The rest of the story is up to you!

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