Play-Doh’s Back!

It’s hard to believe Play-doh started out as a method of cleaning coal residue off wall paper in the 1950’s.  It was re-branded as a non-toxic modeling clay in 1956. It’s inventor, Joe McVicker, was a millionaire by his 27th birthday. It’s estimated that kids have played with  950 million pounds  (more than 2 billion cans) of Play-doh Compound.

After looking into it a bit more I discovered their awesome a972046_10151800744932915_664697089_nnd hilarious Instagram page ( I was not expecting Play-doh  Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They also have a great YouTube channel, filled with animations and tutorials for kids ( But the best way to discover Play-doh is to come pick up a tube for yourself.

Hope to see you soon,

Cowboys and Angels

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