Ceramics Are Not Just For Kids!

I’m always surprised when people ask if our drop-in ceramics area is just for kids. Painting ceramics is truly an ageless hobby. Now I’m not suggesting everyone (necessarily) needs a unicorn figurine in their living room. Just that there’s something special about┬ádrinking your morning cup of coffee out of a mug you made on a fun day out with your friends. Having your midnight snack off of a plate you painted until it was the perfect shade of turquoise. Immortalizing that inside joke that always makes you smile. I’ve been lucky enough to work with one of my closest friends every Saturday here at Cowboys and Angels for the last few months. For our last day together we gathered the rest of the group, got up an hour earlier than usual and went for breakfast. Then we all headed into the store for some ceramics painting. It was such a relaxing start to the day!

ladies painting3Ladies pieces


Our drop-in ceramics area can accommodate adult groups from 2 up to 8 people and bigger groups are encouraged to call ahead so we have some time to rearrange. It takes about a week to get your ceramic back and they’re completely food and dishwasher safe.

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