We’re Bananas for Bananagrams!


One of our favourite stocking stuffers this year is Bananagrams! Created by families, for families, Bananagrams is a modern classic sure to keep your entire family entertained on cold winter days. The fast-paced word game is a favourite among notable celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Scarlett Johannson, Judi Dench, and the entire cast of Downton Abbey

The rules are simple: anywhere between two and eight players are given 15-20 letter tiles, and simultaneously begin building small Scrabble-esque formations on the table. As players use up their tiles, all players must continue choosing more letters from the face-down pile until all 144 tiles are used. The winner is the first to use up all of their tiles, and players are rewarded only for their speed, not for word choice.

The creators of Bananagrams have also added more games to their lineup: Appletters, a word worm game for early readers, Fruitominoes, a matching game for children aged five and up, and Zip-It, a two-player game for kids on-the-go, all of which are also available in our shop.

Bananagrams has sold over six million bags worldwide since hitting stores five years ago. You can pick up your own today (in English or in Hebrew!), and until December 31st, you can buy one and get the second 50% off!

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