Why We Love 3 Sprouts!



Here at Cowboys and Angels, we love fulfilling all of your child’s playtime needs with everything from remote control helicopters and art supplies to fairy wings and toy dinosaurs. And with the holidays approaching, your child’s options for imagination and creativity will only grow. But at the end of a long day filled with dress up and building blocks and car racing, you need somewhere to safely store all of your goodies.

Our favourite place to keep our toys is 3 Sprouts’ incredibly wide range of both colorful and compact storage. We carry toy chests, storage boxes, stroller organizers for playtime on-the-go, lunch bags, and laundry hampers, all of which are adorned with a bright and playful animal.

Not only are they our go-to for toy storage, 3 Sprouts is also a first choice for parents everywhere! Click here to see which products have been featured in major magazines.

For more information about their excellent line of products, visit their website here.

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