Something Different For the Holidays?


A few of our Skip Hop products!

It’s not like one can have too many toys . . . but you can get pretty close. Are you thinking of getting your kids something different for the holidays, or maybe getting a gift for a parent?

Look no further than Skip Hop’s collection of rain gear and lunchtime products! Tons of celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker are gearing their kids up with Skip Hop’s umbrellas. We carry them in owl and ladybug shapes, and have adorable matching raincoats as well. Vancouver’s looking rainy again (and will probably stay like that until April, who are we kidding?), so we might as well beat the gloom with fashionable rain gear!

The holiday break is coming up, so your kids will keep you company at home for a few weeks. Once that’s over though, it’s back to school and packing lunches! Skip Hop’s lunchtime collection makes packing lunch fun and trendy. We have matching backpack and water bottle sets, cutlery, insulated food jars, reusable lunch bags, lunch kits, and so much more! The designs are super fun, so your kids will definitely be showing off their lunches come the new year.

The holiday season is upon us! Come grab some Skip Hop products today!

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