Best Presents for a Baby

Check out our list of practical baby gifts, or take a look at the perfect presents for other age groups!

  1. Melissa and Doug plush talking and singing toys – these toys are made soft materials, so that the baby can drop or throw them safely. They also talk or play music, which helps the child remain stimulated. Plus, as the baby ages, many of these toys can be incorporated to more advanced games. MD_musical pull beehive
  2. Stuffies20151128_154949
  3. Books – it’s never too early to get a child excited for reading! Even thought kids might not understand what they’re being read, they can still enjoy colourful pictures, and fun textures!books for babies
  4. Giddy Up and Play Horse – this plush horse is the perfect gift for babies just learning to sit on their own. With its manyMD_giddy up and play horse

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