Little Architect Building Blocks Are A Hit!

A few days ago we got lots of adorable, new puzzles in! One of our favourites is the Little Architect Building Block Set from the wonderful Crocodile Creek. Here’s why it’s such a winner:

  • Each 3.5″ heavy-duty cardboard block is printed with beautiful illustrations.
    • Colours are bright, illustration style is retro-inspired, lending to a timeless design
    • Each side of each block has something happening within it, whether it’s a cake cooling on the windowsill or a dragon hiding behind a chimney.
    • Blocks are constructed from lightweight yet sturdy cardboard, and feature a soft, matte paper coating that is pleasant to touch and hold.
  • Set of 9 cardboard blocks in the set, creating 6 scenes.
    • Each building’s scene has many characters, comprised of animals, fairytale creatures, and townspeople, as well as props and a bright blue sky.
    • Settings such as the bakery, train station, castle and pet -shop are familiar and recognizable; this will build on the child’s knowledge of the world around them.
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and teaches cause and effect.
    • Colours, shapes, animals, jobs, modes of transportation, places of work, residence, and shopping can all be discussed and used as educational materials.
  • This toy offers activities directly, but also encourages open play: imagination, creativity, and education. There’s lots of fun to be had! Keep reading for our suggestions.

How can my child play with this toy?

  1. There are 6 scenes – scatter the blocks and encourage your child to use the colours and shapes to build the houses, or create your own composition! Talk about what kind of building you’re creating and who lives or works inside it.
  1. Mix the block faces and create your dream house, or work on grouping the blocks: for example, every side with an animal, every side with flowers, or sides featuring a certain shape.
  1. Story Time! Build a story for each scene – what are the characters doing, and why? Give them names and personalities, and carry this on to incorporate pretend play. Add other toys to the building blocks and create a little world for characters to interact in. Maybe what you’ve built is the setting for a play put on by cuddly toys and dolls? Or perhaps the town needs some cars and roads? You decide!
  1. Classic block action: counting, stacking, and knocking over! How about figuring out different ways to balance the blocks or arrange them – perhaps arrange the blocks 2 high, and create a long, colourful apartment building, or a mini-mall with various shopkeepers.
  2. Create a game or fun, age-appropriate challenges where the child receives a block for each answer given or task completed, with the goal of collecting all 9 to complete the house.

Finally, it’s at a great price point for a gift or just-because: $22.99. For ages 3+. Creative, versatile, beautiful: Little Architect Building Blocks by Crocodile Creek!

  • Girl set features 6 different scenes – castle, clothing store, garden/green house, pet shop, bakery, and house.
  • Boy set features 6 different scenes – barn, train station, castle, fire station, vet house, and robot house.

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