Game Spotlight: Labyrinth Junior!


LABYRINTH: The Classic Maze game from Ravensburger! At Cowboy’s and Angels, we have the Junior version, as well as a card version that’s great for on-the-go fun! This game of strategy is a maze like no other, with 12 different treasures waiting to be found within the corridors of the Labyrinth, which move and shift with each player’s turn.


labyrinth 3

Thankfully, the players have some control over how the labyrinth walls move. Each turn, the active player takes the free labyrinth tile (there is always an extra one that acts as the catalyst for movement on the board), and pushes it along one of the rows or columns marked with an arrow on the game board. Certain tiles are glued to the board, adding some restriction and helping to guide the moving tiles. When the extra tile is pushed into the labyrinth, the other tiles move one space, popping one tile out of the labyrinth to be used by the next player on her turn. By shifting the walls, the player hopes to be able to move his token along the paths to land on the treasure currently being sought. If the player does this, he claims the treasure card and a new card is revealed; if not, play continues until someone grabs that treasure. Of course, you can use your turn to block other pathways your opponents might be planning to use – sabotage!

Once all the treasure has been collected, the game ends and whoever nabbed the most treasure wins! Such a fun game for siblings or friends to play, or a great choice for family game night!

labyrinth 4

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