Summer’s Here: Backyard Fun!

Summer has begun! Whether it’s a hot sunny day, or a cool cloudy afternoon, we’ve got fun activities and outdoor toys to inspire summer fun in the fresh air. Let’s take a look: our fishy guides Nemo and Squirt will lead us through the different outdoor activities that await you!


First off, a fan favourite: BUBBLES! While we have the classic bubble wands, check out our new arrival from Crayola: Outdoor Bubble Machine – with coloured bubbles!!! Purple and pink colouring easily rubs off skin and won’t stain skin or clothing.


Catch flies, toss a beanbag on the turtle shell, use the magnifying glass to investigate garden creatures, create chalk masterpieces – freehand or with the mandala designer, play GIANT tic-tac-toe (indoor or outdoor!), paddle a ball back and forth, bird-watch with binoculars, or skip rope!!!


GOALLLL!! There’s a ball for everyone at Cowboys and Angels! In addition to these adorable designs, we also have classic soccer balls and kickballs of various sizes.


It’s getting a little warm – time for a water balloon fight!!! 300 balloons are included in this easy-to-use pump. Grab a couple buckets and search your garage for something to use as a shield, and get competitive!


One team may have the water balloons…but another team has the Nerf SuperSoaker: ARCTIC SHOCK! Throw some ice and water in the chamber for an extra-cool, icy blast perfect for a hot day!


And here’s a fun, cool option for tiny tots: splash mats and Splash Patrol Sprinklers! Attach a hose and watch the water spin and fly into the air – so much silly fun!

Keep an eye out for part two and three of this blog entry: At the Pool and At the Beach!

– Cowboys and Angels



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