Summer’s Here: At the Pool!

Squirt and Nemo are back to show you our aquatic equipment! Here’s what we have in store for swimming pool fun!


First off, living in rainy Vancouver, not everyone has a backyard pool – fear not! Here’s some options for the little ones in your life (or the family dog!). Check out the bottom of the post for local pool recommendations.


Next step: safety first! Water wings and animal floaty rings keep babies buoyant and stylish, sun-safe shades from Real Kids Shades protect their eyes while staying put, thanks to a comfortable strap. Sunglasses available in sizes for ages 0+ to 10+.


Time to dive for treasure! Superhero fans will love the Avengers swim goggles, and aspiring Olympic swimmers can practice their moves with the floating kickboard, goggles, and flipper set!


Sink, Swim, or Float! Master your diving skills with the Sink and Seek rings, jellies and links from Melissa and Doug. Or, try the floating Lily Pad counting game and floating Alphabet set for some educational, splashing fun!


Who wants action-packed, sporty fun? You, of course! Check out our water-friendly frisbees and footballs – that Nerf football is great on water or land, day or night (it comes with light-up headsets!)


Finally, Nemo and Squirt’s favourite – Spark Shark Floating Target game from Melissa and Doug! Looks like little Squirt has found the target himself! What other games could you create using this floaty? The possibilities are endless!

Here’s some nearby places to swim:¬† (’s Parks and Recreation swimming pool page)



Check back soon for part 3 of Summer’s here – At the Beach! Tons of fun sand toys and outdoor activities for your next beach day, camping trip or staycation adventure!

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