Photography and Ceramics: Combine and Conquer!

Earlier this month Cowboys and Angels was treated with a visit from our little friends at My Whole Earth Academy! The tiny tots came for a ceramics session, followed by class and individual portraits.


The friends filled in slowly, finding a seat at the tables within the white-picket fence. The creative journey then began as each child chose a mug, bowl, or plate to decorate for Father’s Day. Usually, a painter can choose from a wide variety of figurines, jars, piggy banks, etc, but we decided to limit the options to make for a more comfortable choice for the little artists.


The next step is choosing the colour palette: the Cowboys and Angels staff hold up 2 colours at a time, and if the little one wants that colour, they raise their hand and voila!¬†Now it’s time to paint! Our friends enjoyed mixing the paint, usually creating interesting new shades of brown and purple, and the feeling of creamy paint flowing from a silky brush.

IMG_3907image2 (1)As each friend finished their piece, they explored our play area and enjoyed some Melissa and Doug sticker books, drawing, and other crafty, busy fun.

Eventually it was time for Mr. Phillip’s photography! The little ones were arranged in a few rows, and put on their biggest, cheesiest smile for the camera. The result was a delightful class portrait, each bright face smiling proud.

Some friends even had individual portraits done! These friends took their turn one by one, hamming it up and modelling their most precious smiles for portraits to be enjoyed by loved ones.
IMG_3908Each mug, bowl, or plate was labelled with our detail-friendly paint pens, “Happy Father’s Day 2016! Love _____”. These turned colourful, casual¬†art pieces into a personalised memory that will last forever! Combined with a beautiful portrait, the fathers of the friends at My Whole Earth were simply spoiled this year!

Our adventure with My Whole Earth Academy is a perfect example of how you can combine ceramics painting – a creative, engaging activity for all ages – with our photography studio for a unique experience for a:

  • Staff party
  • Sports team bonding
  • Birthday
  • School group
  • Wedding party
  • Milestone celebration
  • Visit from family or friends
  • Club activity
  • Anniversaries
  • and more!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!

– Cowboys and Angels


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