About Us

Cowboys and Angels is more than just a toy store – it’s an everything-in-one kids’ store. Located in the heart of Kerrisdale with a newly opened second location on West 4th Avenue, situated in the hub of the Kitsilano community, we strive to provide you with the best selection of everything from baby clothes and board games to train sets and tambourines. Our cheerful and welcoming shop is tailor-made for fun. Kids are our best product testers, so we set up three activity locations in store for our toughest critics to give our toys a try. Our shelves are stocked with some of the newest and most dynamic products on the market including a wide range of musical instruments, great arts and crafts, award-winning educational games and of course, toys, toys, and more toys! There are beautiful organic baby clothes, brilliant remote control helicopters and everything in between. No matter what age your son or daughter is or where their interests lie, our eclectic mix of traditional and modern toys will have your child’s mind whirring with creativity.

We hope to inspire children to use their imagination, develop their creativity and build new skills. With that in mind we devoted a section of our shop to a paint-your-own ceramics studio. You select a piece to paint and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will set you up with paints, brushes and everything else you need to create your own masterpiece as well as give you a few helpful pointers to help you produce the best possible results. Book ahead for birthday parties and large groups or just pop by with the kids anytime and get painting!

At Cowboys and Angels we know childhood is a magical time that ends too soon (why do you think we opened a toy shop!) That’s why just upstairs from the toys and ceramics, we’ve got a portrait studio set up to help you capture those fleeting days when you could cradle your little one in your arms. We use the finest quality paper and ink so that we can guarantee the photos never fade – and neither will the memories.

Cowboys and Angels is a lot of things: a toy store, a ceramic studio, a portrait studio… but mostly it’s a lot of fun!