Ceramics Party FAQs

Got questions? Read here or give us a call at 604.568.6673!

Q: What age groups are appropriate?/Is this appropriate for babies or adults?
A: Ceramics parties are for all ages! Babies can have their foot and hand prints done and teens and adults have a blast creating their masterpieces.

Q: How do your parties work? What do participants do?
A: Parties vary with age group and the intention of the host, but typically, participants paint for around 45 minutes and the rest of the time can be used for eating, playing games, and opening gifts. Older participants usually take longer to complete their pieces.

Q: How long are the parties? What if we go over time?
A: Parties are 1h, 45 min. Although we schedule 45 minutes in between parties to account for clean up and set up, the timing is pretty tight, and we would really appreciate it if parents try to leave on time.

Q: We’d really like to book a party but we’re only available after work hours – is there any possibility to schedule one then?
A: Yes, but it depends on staff availability. Please give us a call at 604 568 6673 and we’ll try our best to sort it out!

Q: Will there be someone to help us during the party?
A: Yes, one of our staff will help the kids settle down, pick a ceramic piece, and get started with the painting. They will also label the pieces with the kids’ names and assist with the clean up.

Q: How many people can we invite?
A: We have had as many as 30 kids in the party room for a party!

Q: Are parents allowed to stay during the party?
A: Yes, there is a lounge area where parents can sit and relax while their children paint. The host parents/guardians are required to stay for entirety of the party.

Q: Is there parking?/ Where is the best place to park?
A: There is free two-hour parking on Yew and 42nd. There is also pay parking on 41st.

Q: What can kids do after they paint?
A: You can choose! Usually the time is spent eating and opening presents but kids can also play with our toys or talk amongst themselves. Games like Telephone, Simon Says, and Wink Murder, or Hide the Key don’t require props and are great for groups.

Q: Can we bring our own games?
A: Yes, we have a couple games in the party room and a play area outside the party room, but you can definitely also bring your own games.

Q: Can we bring our own food?
A: Yes. We have counter space and a mini fridge for you to store it. We do not have a freezer, so if you decide to bring an ice cream cake, please plan ahead!

Q: Where can we order food?
A: Parents often order pizza from the nearby Papa John’s. There are also quite a few sushi places parents can order platters from.

Q: How long does it take for us to get the ceramic pieces back?
A: It takes about a week for us to fire and pack the pieces.

Q: How do participants get their pieces back?
A: After we pack the pieces, we will give the party host a call and they pick up all the pieces. They can then distribute the pieces.