As with any form of artistic expression, we sometimes need a bit of inspiration to get started. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ideas here.

  • Inside jokes are great for a chuckle to help get you through the day – paint them on something you see or use every day to keep your spirits up! (Inspirational messages are also great for this!)
  • Hand print and foot prints create adorable and simple designs to help you remember when your child was still tiny.
  • If illustration isn’t your forte, select a piece that already depicts an image. Alternatively, choose one of our many figurines!
  • Our liners of various colours make it easy for you to create detailed designs or even write messages on the pieces.
    • Repetition of lines and dots can look pretty awesome!
  • Take inspiration from nature
  • Include your favourite cartoon characters
  • Tape isn’t just for sticking things together – use it as a straight edge and create cool geometric designs!
  • Use stencils and stamps to create a focal point on your piece. Or, alternate two or more of them to create patterns!
  • Sponge on a cool texture
  • Take inspiration from space.
  • Keep it simple! Using only 1-3 colours can be just as impactful as using 10 different ones, and a single, plain design can look modern and clean. Colour blocking might be a good design to use!

Check out our Pinterest Page for more ideas!