Our Private Studio

Check out the private studio where we host parties for all ages! Our spacious studio can fit up to 40 kids! (This is also where we do our photo shoots!)

Party Room 2

Our private studio is perfect for hosting a party!


We’ll set up the painting area so that it looks awesome!

An elegant black and white setup

Party Room 6

Pink, green, and white come together to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Party Room 1

The giant teddy, balloons, and decorative presents make this space perfect for your child’s birthday!

This lounge area is perfect for parents to relax, for the faster artists to hang out in, and for setting up other activities or food! There are also a mini fridge and some counter tops you can use!

Party Room 3

The lounge area features comfortable seating, coffee table, and a mini fridge. There are also counter tops to the right so you can prep your food and drinks (out of frame).